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Victim or Survivor!

Every day we have choices. Choices to be a victim or to be a survivor! Victim thoughts - "Why does this always happen to me?" and "no-one else understands what this is like." Sure, life brings about frustrating situations and these thoughts give us an opportunity to have an important discussion with ourselves. Take time to feel the situation because those feelings are real! Then consider taking an opposite position as a Survivor!

To become a survivor, we need to think like a problem solver and ask ourselves questions like what do I want? and what steps can I take to get what I want? How long before I can exit this situation? Perhaps engaging another person to help in this process would be helpful.

Simple, right? This is one role we play and there are more that will be revealed. The first step of trying on a new habit is awareness. Awareness is my favorite word because without awareness, we do not have a starting point. Just start!

To see more on the roles we integrate into our relationships, visit The Drama Triangle with Lauren Kress found at

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